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Judith Labert

MA/LPC, ATR/Clinical Associate

Judith C Labert, LPC, is a Licensed Professional Counselor. She enjoys working with people of all ages. She incorporates art and play therapy as well as using Aroma Freedom Technique and other modalities into her work to focus on processing trauma. Expressive arts provides a unique way of expression that speaks where words may fail. Aroma is a powerful tool that works simultaneously on emotional, physical, mental and spiritual levels of health. Aroma reaches the amygdala where trauma memories are stored. She has a client centered approach and works on meeting the client where they are at to best help where they are "stuck."

She specializes in children, implementing art therapy, play therapy, Aroma Freedom Technique and other evidence based modalities in her work.

She is focused on holistic health as well as mental health. This includes the whole person, including physical and spiritual health. She meets clients where they are at and will incorporate whole person ideals as welcomed by her clients. 

Judith Labert
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