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How to get started 

If you are thinking about becoming a new client, here are a few things to consider:
  • Are you wanting individual or couple/family therapy or group/adventure therapy?

  • Will the client be an adult or a minor?

  • Will you be using insurance or will this be self pay?

  • Are there specific times or days that you will be available?

Inquires: Please contact our office about services. Please call 541.245.2787 and speak with Cheri Moore, Office Assistant. 


Costs:  We can bill most insurance policies for outpatient services, and do so as a courtesy to our clients.  We offer cash options such as a sliding scale with our interns, and cash fees based on our billable rates with our licensed therapists.  The individual providers may be contracted, or “in-network,” with specific policies and non-contracted with others, so it’s best to discuss these details with our office prior to making an appointment.  We accept cash, checks and credit cards, including HSA cards, in our office and via our online payment system.  


Scheduling: Our therapists handle their own scheduling, so after getting the insurance/payment information from our office, you may contact our providers to see if they may be a good fit for you and if their schedule will accommodate your needs.  Also, any changes to appointments will need to be handled with the therapist directly. 

Providers: All providers are Masters level therapists and are registered with the Oregon State Board of Therapists and Counselors.  Some providers work with individuals only, while others will see family members and younger clients.  Some providers are only in our office on specific days, and some offer services at additional locations to help meet the needs of our community.  All providers are independent contractors with our office, and are governed by local state laws and professional boards directly. Please read their bios by clicking this link or see "our team" page. 

Insurance:  You may inquire about your insurance benefits by calling our office –you will need the following details: Client Full Name, Date of Birth, Insurance Company Name and Subscriber ID #.   Our office will be happy to check your policy and provide you the policy details as they are provided to us via your insurance company.  These benefits are NOT a guarantee of coverage, and each policy will be subject to the policy restrictions once it has been billed, and will be the client’s responsibility.  

Due to long waiting lists and limited availability with our providers, please contact our office if you are interested in services. 
Waiting lists may be closed due to extended waiting times.)

Please call Cheri Moore, office assistant, at 541.245.2787
Thank you. 

*our office is not affiliated with these sites - we are just offering them as a resource and are not responsible for their content*

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(Local 24/7 Crisis Hotline Number:  541-774-8201)
National Suicide/Crisis Hotline:  9-8-8
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Local Grief Coach: Jim Durham

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