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“Resiliency is the ability to adapt to adversity without succumbing to bitterness, to step back up when failure arises, and resiliency is the determination to continually strive for personal agency in a world that would rather seek blame or scapegoats. Adventure is not possible without adversity, and resiliency is not gained without adversity. I have found no better media than adventure in which to create the ideal learning laboratory for the formation of resilience, self-reflection, and true competence/confidence.”

-Dr. DB Palmer-

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Southern Oregon Adventure & Resiliency (SOAR) Training

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Why Adventure & Resiliency?

Southern Oregon Adventure & Resiliency (SOAR) Training utilizes adventure & endurance racing, in all forms, as the mechanism to teach life skills, goal-setting, teamwork, strategy, physical fitness, nutrition, tolerance of failure, and resiliency.


We create, and rigorously foster, a positive and honest training environment where grit, respect, and effort are praised. Training is good and it is difficult… not fun. Seeing growth is fun. You’ll get there!



Dr. DB Palmer, Certified Clinical Adventure Therapist, LPC has completed the longest non-stop paddling race in the world, the Missouri River 340 and the world’s longest annual paddling race, the Yukon River Quest, twice; is an accomplished wilderness leader with two decades experience across the western states, Alaska, and Canada; is a Professor of Outdoor Leadership for the University of Alaska; has taught nearly every course in the outdoor leadership catalog and is a highly seasoned paddler and group facilitator. Dr. Palmer is a Licensed Professional Counselor and has recently returned to Southern Oregon after nearly two decades in Alaska.


Greta Palmer, MA is a seasoned wilderness traveler, marathon finisher, long-distance runner, Life Coach, and educator. Greta has is a former Alpine skiing racer, backcountry & Nordic skier, Avalanche & Weather Observation professional (AIARE II), completed the longest non-stop paddling race in the world, the Missouri River 340 and has led treks across the western states and Alaska, has five children of her own, and specializes in personal training, nutrition, and parent coaching. Greta is looking to complete several new ultra marathons in the near future and is actively engaged in homeschooling and running a small farm.


Basic Details:

Summer: 8:30-10am

School Year:

9:00-10:30am / 4:30-6pm

Monday & Wednesday Group (16 max)

Tuesday & Thursday Group (16 max)

Cost: $400 (+ Free Saturday Family Sessions)  *$200 MiniSessions when available

Age Groups:

Falcons: 10-12 y.o.

Hawks: 13-15 y.o.

Eagles: 16-18 y.o.

Development Group (by invite only)

Parents encouraged to participate!

Saturday Family Sessions: Unofficial training sessions (free)

9:00am – 10:30am, TBA (often at Jacksonville Vineyards or Applegate Lake)

Pancake Potluck & Bonus Training Sessions

Informal Family Sessions and Q&A with our Coaching staff


Training Session: topics will generally include a warm-up, structured workout, technical skill, health/nutrition topic, debrief (coaching), and inspiration/homework to prep for the next session. Training sessions are high energy, relational, and supportive. Workouts include: high-intensity interval training, running/sprints, plyometrics/body-weight, flexibility/stretching, & endurance/cardio.



15 min prior   Earliest Arrival time

Start                Warm-up & Training Session begins

Finish              Pick-up time

15 min after    Staff Departs the area


Fitness level: Fitness can be achieved by anyone who is determined to keep trying and won't give up.  If gaining fitness and discipline is something you've longed for, then you're going to love our program. But remember, it requires consistency, determination and honoring those in the program who are equally committed.


Late Pick-up Charge: If more than 10 minutes late, your credit card will be charged $25 for extending our staff time on site. After two late charges, the third and continuing late charges will be $50. Late pick-up, regardless of the number late pick-up(s), MAY be grounds for dismissal at our discretion.


Multiple child discount: Spaces are limited for now, but we want to ensure that devoted families are able to provide this opportunity to all of their interested children. The rate for those families with more than one child enrolled is $400 (full session) for the first child, then $350 for each additional child.


Questions: Email Dr. DB Palmer, LPC

Paddling/Adventure Therapy Groups


Paddling and other Outdoor Adventure Therapy Groups available:

Teen / Women / Men

Contact for current days and schedules

Paddling/Adventure Therapy Group Cost:

$85/session (one day/week)

or $75 for multiple sessions per week ($75 each)


Boats Available for Paddling:

4 single kayaks

1 tandem kayak

1 solo canoe

2 tandem canoes

1 C4 canoe

2 stand-up paddleboards


Clients must provide/bring their own:

Appropriate clothing for weather

Water & Snack/Nutrition

Email Dr. DB Palmer, LPC today to register:


DB Palmer

Dr. Palmer has been involved with the Adventure-Based Counseling movement for over 20 years & has led, supervised, taught, & designed both professionals & programs across the western states & in Alaska. As a field instructor, practitioner, researcher, university professor of Outdoor Leadership, & program designer; Dr. Palmer has worked shoulder to shoulder with nearly every leader in the industry & has brought in nearly $10 million in federal & tribal funding for youth & adventure-based programs, continues to teach & design adventure-based university courses for the University of Alaska, & has amassed thousands of field days as a wilderness leader/guide. He has taught nearly every course in the university catalog within Outdoor Leadership, has held and taught nearly every paddling & rescue-oriented wilderness medical certification, is a Certified Clinical Adventure Therapist, & is an ultra-marathon paddling fanatic. After working for major universities & directing multi-million dollar healthcare departments, Dr. Palmer founded Adventure Therapy Northwest LLC to expand access to care for those across Oregon & Washington. Dr. Palmer brings extensive experience working with first responders/military, adolescents & men, parents, healthcare professionals, & executives. While focused on outdoor therapies, Dr. Palmer brings this same intensity to his office sessions & has worked in nearly every clinical environment possible over the course of the last two decades, bringing a wealth of breadth & depth to the clinical team at Trinity. Dr. Palmer's home is here in Southern Oregon & he notes, "After so many years away, I feel like I've returned to the Shire after my many far-off adventures... bringing my family back home to celebrate home, hearth, & kin-folk. I am truly blessed to be home, & I hope to inspire you to take hold of the adventure that this life has for you."