Adventure Therapy - Youth with DB Palmer, LPC

For families seeking counseling for their child/adolescent, I provide family-focused adventure therapy services. While my sessions can take place in a traditional office setting, I have found that getting outside can be a powerful experience, and in fact, the research bears out that adventure therapy can be highly effective for youth and adults. Furthermore, it is important to practice skills in different settings. With this in mind, clients are strongly encouraged to attend group sessions in addition to individual or family sessions. I also offer additional options to further maximize the benefits of Adventure Therapy, such as weekly multi-family groups (both tele and adventure-based), family workshops, and expanded individual/family counseling sessions.

Adventure Therapy is not for everyone, but it is far more accessible than you may think. Rather than meet in my office, we meet at a trailhead near, or in town, and we walk/hike as we have our session. The movement inspires a very different kind of conversation, and the barriers are removed more quickly.

What does this look like?

Individual Adventure Therapy (AT) Session- Meet at predetermined location, usually a trailhead or boat put-in and we go from there, returning to the same place where we started at the end of the session.

Adventure Therapy (AT) Group- Curated group that meets weekly at a trailhead, put-in, or other rally point and then travels together to work through the day’s intervention.

Adventure Therapy (AT) Youth Program Consists of 2 foundational parts:

  1. Weekly Individual/Family Counseling Session

  2. Weekly Adventure Group

Adventure Therapy Additional/Optional Services

  1. Multi-Family Group Sessions (can be telehealth)

  2. Multi-Family Adventure Workshops (monthly)

  3. Individual or Family Sessions (if not selected from your foundational program)


NOTE: Youth are required to have an individual therapist before joining AT groups, and must continue to attend individual or family therapy while participating in AT groups.

Age Range: 8 – Adult

Season: Year-Round